Megacontrux Pokemon

So I have a lot of these sets. Not all of them. I have to be kind to my wallet to a point. These are old photos. I have storage tub of a lot more. This is just the first post. The future posts will hopefully be breakdown photo sets.

Steven Universe Garnet

McFarlan Toys did a run of Steven Universe brick toys. They are nifty but McFarlan Toys seems to treat their brick toys like mini model kits that won't be taken apart. Considering the company makes its money on action figures that are effectively affordable, in comparison, statues then this seems to be on brand for them. So they do things like having large stickers cross multiple bricks which makes it hard to disassemble a set for later play. I'm assuming their target audiance is adults because this isn't kid friendly. Which is a shame. Hopefully Steven Universe lands somewhere else in the future. Witch all that said I did buy everyone of these sets.

Megacontrux Yootz

I've never had my finger on the pulse of the toy market. Now with Toys R Us gone I have even less sense of what is what. The few blogs that I follow (that are still alive) are Lego centric and turn their noses up at Mega. So whe I found these at a grocery store on a discount table of all places I snagged what they had left.

Lego Boxes

Nothing special here. Just a bunch of unopened sets that I haven't gotten to yet.